We've shown you on numerous occasions how to install an aftermarket high-performance air filter and told you the reasons why - more air in, more power out, blah blah. This story will show you the proper way to clean your filter without damaging its filtering properties. Most of these filters, such as the AEM unit we're showing you, are constructed of a cotton-gauze material coated in super-secret oil. The cotton is used to act as a net, while the oil is what makes the tiny particles stick. One thing that makes these filters unique is the fact that they are washable and reuseable. But the use of industrial cleaners or improper cleaning methods can actually damage the fibers. With the proper cleaning, these filters will offer years of reliable service to your engine. So let's check it out.

Too much of a good thing
When servicing a washable filter, take care not to over-oil the element. Besides impeding airflow, excess oil can migrate into the intake system, where it can coat electronic sensors, which some OEMs claim may hinder the sensors' operation and result in a repair that might not be covered under warranty.

AEM (Advanced Engine Management)