OK, so you love the airbag system on your truck. But let's say you're at a light and you see a red-and-blue lightbar coming your way. Fumbling with toggle switches when the five-o rolls up could get you a big, fat ticket. Bagman in Anaheim, California, has a fix that might help you out in such a situation.

The Extreme Air Block by Bagman incorporates Dakota Digital gauges and pressure sensors to bring ride control to a new level. With this system, a touch of a button would bring the 'bags to a programmed preset pressure determined by you. Not only could this save you a ticket, but it's extremely convenient and cool.

Dakota Digital also makes an Airbag Control System that works from a key fob remote. The Air Bag Control System provides two RF signal outputs that can be programmed to control your alarm system. So one touch of a button could possible set your alarm and lay your truck out.

Bagman's Extreme Air Block provides a central location for all the activity to take place, making it easy to adapt to any airbag system. Here's a quick peek at what it takes.

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