So you just picked up a new Tahoe and the first thing you want to do is to get rid of that soccer mom look and give it a more aggressive sport-truck appeal. With Belltech's bolt-on 2/3 drop kit and a sick wheel and tire setup, it's easy to get the low and lean look without sacrificing the ride quality. Belltech's 2/3 kit comes complete with 2-inch drop spindles for the front and 3-inch lowering springs, shock relocators, and shortened bumpstops for the rear shocks.

If you have access to a lift and know how to use a garage full of tools, you can adjust your ride height in about an hour. If you're working on your truck in the driveway, plan on it taking a few hours longer, depending on your skill level, and make sure you get a front alignment when you're done. If you're at all unsure about how to work with suspension springs, we recommend you take it to a shop and just have the crew there install it. We had the guys at GO-EZ customs of Placentia, California, show us just how easy it is. Check out the step-by-step procedure.

Stock Setup
Ride height at wheelwell
Front: 36 inches
Back: 37 inches
Wheel and tire size: Firestone Wilderness
P265/70/R16, 30 inches tall

Lowered Setup
Riding height at wheelwell
Front: 33 inches
Back: 34 inches
Wheel and tire size:
Falken ZIEX S/T Z04 P275/45/R20 on Concept Neeper, Vandals 20x8.5, 29 inches tall

GO-EZ Customs
1330 N. Blue Gum Unit A
CA  92806
Falken Tires
MHT Wheels
Fineline motoring
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