One of the most time-consuming parts of a custom truck to keep nice has to be the billet wheels. How many hours have you spent sitting on the ground rubbing away, trying to bring back that shine? Well, we're here to tell you Mothers is coming to the rescue with its new Powerball. This tool is a foam-polishing ball that attaches to any standard-size hand drill; Mothers recommends an 18-volt cordless. It is made from proprietary open-cell foam designed to be extremely durable yet gentle on the wheel. You can use it on metal, plastic lenses, and paint to rub out minor scratches. One very nice feature of this tool is when you're finished using it, just give it a quick wash and it's ready to use again.

The detailing freaks at Mothers sent us one to put through the ringer, and boy did we. We used it on our wheels and were so happy with the results that we ended up going nuts and finding things in the shop to try it on -- our diamond-plated trailer never looked so good! Follow along as we show you how it worked for us, and if you're tired of having sore arms and black fingers, check out the source box and get your own.

Mothers Polish
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