We're grateful to Nissan for allowing us the privilege of punishing the 2004 Sport Truck of the Year winner. After flogging the truck for several months, we decided to give the hauler a new look. With this in mind, we started with custom paint for our long-term loaner truck. To some, it may seem like a waste of time to paint a truck that we won't get to keep, but in our defense, this truck will probably end up in Nissan's museum, so we want to have it be representative of a Sport Truck-inspired build. Either way, we wanted to spend some time seeing what was under its skin, find out how it was built, and what it would take to modify the Titan.

Our Project Titan was previously a demo vehicle for the media to test drive, so it was pretty tore-up from being hammered by other media staff members. It had many scratches and dents that weren't going to play a part in our Sport Truck project-not to mention the interior was covered in dog hair and had one broken seat. The truck was in dire need of Sport Truck's custom touch to help it overcome the abuse it had seen as a media vehicle.

We took our Project Titan to Musso Motorsports in Las Vegas to have the skins recoated in some new-school pigments. There, Joe Musso and his band of misfits tore into Project Titan to bring to life our concept rendering. With the aid of Ryan Evans from Kaotik, the graphics were hand-tapped and sprayed to create the killer color scheme that are made up of stock Nissan colors. Here's how the whole thing went down.

sikkens car Refinishes Kaotik-Ryan Evans
Las Vegas
Musso Motorsports