The last time Lincoln put its spin on one of Ford's pickups, it was met with very little public acceptance. By the time Lincoln put the brakes on the ill-fated Blackwood program, the company was practically giving them away just to rid its car lots of the expensive truck.

Well, Lincoln is back at it again, this time infusing styling cues taken from its Navigator SUV into the proven F-150 platform. Out of the box, this is a great-looking truck that rides well, has decent power, and offers a great canvas for future customization. If the nearly $40,000 base sticker price doesn't scare you away from the salesman and you are inclined to put your own spin on its looks, then the LT will make for a comfortable and very cool cruiser.

Precision Grilles received one of the very first examples of the high-end sport truck and busted out a phat billet grille, immediately. The new grille maintains the look of the LT's vertical bar treatment but pushes the style quotient over the top by tripling the number of bars. The stock grille has 14 wide bars, but Precision's unit flexes 80 highly polished bars. It's a silky smooth and expensive-looking design that matches the character of this ride to a tee. We dropped by the shop, as Precision went through motions of building and installing the grille into its new LT. Check it out.

Precision Grilles