Every so often, manufacturers change up little things on their trucks to make them look fresh while keeping the base theme the same. A good example of this is the Avalanche-style front clip found on '03-'05 Chevrolet fullsize trucks. The truck itself is the same, but the new front end gives it a bolder look and brighter headlamps. Unfortunately, for SUV lovers, when the truck changed for the better, Chevy's Tahoe and Suburban didn't receive the same love, leaving the owners of those vehicles in the lurch. However, the good news is that updating the front end of these popular SUVs to new truck specs is as simple as bolting on the newer sheetmetal.

The common misconception is that the swap is very difficult to perform. People tend to think you'll have to swap out the radiator core support, replace framehorns, and go from there. That couldn't be further from the truth. There's also a great place out there to find the parts you need. Sure, you could go to GM direct, and there'd be nothing wrong with that, but it would be cost prohibitive. Instead, you can call G&R Auto Recycling, out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which has all the parts you'll need. The company specializes in GM parts and can get you anything and everything you need for your GM vehicle. Follow along, as we perform this easy front-end swap on a '99 Tahoe and modernize the clip.

G&R Autoparts
Epoc Design Group
Street Scene Equipment
12691 Monarch St.
Garden Grove
CA  92811
Lucky Luciano Custom Paint
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