8. Godfather Customs
Godfather Customs carries a complete line of air suspension parts to get you down, such as this two-link kit by Ekstensive Metalworks. It's a prefabricated cantilever link system designed to slide over the frame for easy welding. It includes all energy suspension bushings, the two-link, upper 'bag mounts, and the Panhard bar. To fill the 'bags, the company recommends the Viair 480 Series Compressor. This 12-volt 200-psi chrome compressor features an oil-free design, a high-performance PTFE piston ring, and a built-in, self-resetting thermal switch.
For more information, contact: Godfather Customs
(800) 231-1101, www.godfathercustoms.com

9. IF Customs
IF Customs, home of the world's lowest trucks, offers a variety of suspension parts for almost any truck from fullsize to minis. Air systems, Oasis compressors, carrier bearing crossmembers, and various air components are all offered. If you want your truck in the weeds, IF Custom is the place to start.
For more information, contact: Iaccino Fabrication and Customs
(818) 837-3000, www.ifcustom.com

10. KP Components
KP Components manufactures direct bolt-on four-link and cantilever suspension systems for today's most popular trucks. Along with the company's link systems, KP also offers a full line of airbag accessories for your ride.
For more information, contact: KP Components
(866) 575-4657, www.kpcomponents.com

11. Mac's Springs
Mac's Spring is proud to offer the new Mac Daddy valves. The Mac Daddy valves have a forged brass body, high-output coil, stainless steel operator, and a new diaphragm material. These valves feature full port body design and resist corrosion from water and other harmful media, while providing an ultra-fast response when triggered. Mac also carries a full line of 'bags like this Conti Triple-Bellow Bag. These suckers collapse down to 7 inches and extend out to 22 inches, giving you 15 inches of working stroke.
For more information, contact: Mac's Spring
(800) 585-5117, www.macsspring.com

12. Master Image Customs
MIC introduced the First Speed-'Bag Kit more than 15 years ago. Since that time, the company has been continuously improving the quality and reliability of the Speed-'Bag Kits to meet today's demanding air-ride applications. Master Image Customs offers a huge inventory of in-stock components for hundreds of applications. MIC offers complete kits, custom installation, and individual components for the do-it-yourself customer. The mounting systems and fabricated brackets are laser-cut and designed on the most advanced CAD program available today.
For more information, contact: Master Image Customs
(714) 970-9488, www.masterimagecustoms.com

13. Oasis Manufacturing
Oasis introduces its '06 XD3000 12-vdc air compressor. This Xtreme Duty monster delivers 200 psi to 8 cfm at 100 psi, with a 200-psi maximum pressure rating for the most demanding air suspension and show vehicle applications. This compressor will fill a 5-gallon tank, from zero to 150 psi in 54 seconds. The performance is attributed to a commercial-duty motor directly coupled to a 10ci twin-cylinder York compressor. The XD3000 has a cooling fan on the motor for extended run-time. The low-voltage cut-off protection allows the compressor to output 200 psi. Built-in smart technology electronics protect the motor with an indicator and automatic low-voltage cutoff.
For more information, contact: Oasis Mfg.
(949) 768-4311, www.oasismfg.com

14. Slam Specialties
Slam Specialties' brand of high-quality, high-performance air springs has four sizes currently available, including 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-inch diameters, and three pressure models of each. All models are size and bolt pattern compatible with Firestone air springs. Size and bolt pattern is where the similarity ends. Slam Specialties' line of air springs are constructed with steel bead rings within specially designed dual-end closure plates. All plates are permanently bonded, instead of clamped or crimped, to non-ballooning rubber bellows, making it virtually impossible for the plates to separate from the rubber, even unrestrained at maximum pressure.
For more information, contact: Slam Specialties
(888) 352-5225, www.slamspecialties.com

15. Street Beat Customs
Asco Air Suspension Manifold is one of the highest flowing manifolds on the market. With a single pressure inlet and exhaust capability, it minimizes tubing and fitting proliferation. It controls all four wheels from one location and can be installed alone or in groups of two or four with a manifold-ganging kit.
For more information, contact: Street Beat Customs
(800) 771-6908, www.streetbeatcustoms.com

16. Stylin' Concepts
The Stylin' Air High Output Compressor, PN SC4HO, is setting standards for high-output compressors. By using a 3/4hp fan-cooled motor, overheating is a thing of the past. With a 150-psi working pressure, you can fill air tanks and run impact wrenches easily. The Stylin' Air is permanently lubed with sealed bearings, so it can be mounted in any position, making installation much easier. Every Stylin' Air uses thread-locked stainless steel fasteners for a long and trouble-free life in the highest vibration applications.
For more information, contact: Stylin' Concepts
(800) 434-4381, www.stylinconcepts.com

17. UDS
Since 1997, UDS Incorporated has supplied larger companies with all the fitting and parts they need, and now, they are open to the general public-that's you. UDS offers complete kits, upgrades, and components for any truck. The company's large selection of bubble-tight push-in fittings range from 1/8- to 3/4-inch and are 100-percent brass.
For more information, contact: UDS Inc.
(310) 715-1356, www.udshardware.com

18. Viair
Viair is the only air compressor manufacturer in the world that produces as much as five different Continuous Duty 12V Air Compressors engineered specifically for mobile pneumatics applications. This incredible lineup of high-performance compressors consists of the 350C, the 380C, the 450C in 12V or 24V configuration, and the 550C. There is way too much information to go over here, so go to the company's website and check the specifications for yourself.
For more information, contact: Viair Corp.
(949) 582-6868, www.viaircorp.com

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Viair Corp.
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