Back In The Day, Sliding Ragtop Sunroofs Were The Coolest Thing To Do On Your VW. Be It A Bug Or A Van, It Didn't Matter What It Was Because It Just Needed A Mammoth Hole In The Roof To Let The Sun Shine In. Things Haven't Changed Much Since The '60s. Sliders are just as cool now as they were then. It's one of those mods that really puts your truck over the edge and makes it that much more custom. Plus, there's nothing cooler than cutting a big hole in your roof and letting the sun in while you drag body down the local cruise strip.

With this truck, the owner wanted a huge slider, as big as he could get. After taking a few measurements, a call was made to Street Beat Customs in Phoenix. The cool thing about Street Beat is that the shop can custom-make a sliding ragtop in any size, any color, and any material you want. By far, the most popular option is a black canvas top, and that's what the owner chose for the truck to complement his interior. Another option he chose was a plain finish on the ragtop's frame. Normally, Street Beat powdercoats its frames black, but the owner wanted a different look, so he left the aluminum rails raw.

Follow along as we cut a mammoth hole in the roof of a '99 Chevrolet Silverado extra-cab, and let the sun shine in.

Street Beat Customs