As gearheads, we spend a lot of time and money collecting tools to support our hobby or sometimes job. Everyone knows the guy who has the 6,000-dollar tool chest stuffed with every fancy gadget and screwdriver you can imagine, but do you really want to lug all that crap around a junkyard? We don't think so. So, we compiled this little guide to get you thinking and maybe help you fight the urge to strap your entire roll-away to your back. We look at it this way; less is more when it comes to tools for the junkyard trip, as long as you pack smart.

Out of everything in this guide, this has to be, by far, the best thing. These bucket inserts, like this one from Craftsman, will not only hold almost all the tools you could need but will also hold most of the smaller parts you take off. Not listed below but a must-have is a nice hammer, kind of like the one you see here.

Hand Stuff
Gloves of some sort and some hand cleaner may not be necessary for some, but they are for us-not because we have delicate girly hands but because we don't want our steering wheel to get all greasy. Remember you still have to get your grubby butt home.

You should bring at least one of each type. Needle-nose, side-cutters, channel locks, regular, and locking pliers will cover all your bases. The locking type might become your best friend out there, because sometimes there is just no way one person can hold both the nut and the bolt.

Reference and Storage
Speaking of smaller parts, it's a good idea to take a few baggies and a marker. That way, if you are ripping apart a set of doors, you can keep the left and right hardware separate. A note pad with any measurements you might need is essential because this will be the only thing to reference other than your own memory.