Well, she's all together, thanks to the help of some incredible aftermarket companies. And, boy, does she look fine. Your '06 Ford F-150 is just a click away, provided you head over to Stylinconcepts.com/winf150 and enter this awesome contest. We showed you the artist's rendering of the truck last month in our News column, and now we have the real deal for you to feast your eyes on.

The Sponsors:
* Wise BedRug
* Gaylord's X-2000 hard tonneau cover
* IPCW LED taillights
* AMI chrome door handles and buckets
* Precision wire mesh grilles
* Cal-Trend neoprene sport seat covers
* Woodview brush aluminum dash kit
* Lloyd custom floor mats
* FBI Spinister billet aluminum rearview mirror
* Nordskog digital boost and fuel pressure gauges
* Auto Meter gauge pod
* VPA power window conversion kit
* Billet Pro interior dash control knobs
* Sherwin-Williams Planet Color paint sprayed by Gunnoe's Auto Body
* Stainless Steel Brakes TriPower brakes
* Keystone hood
* Street Scene mirrors
* Sir Michaels roll pan
* Dynatech headers
* Corsa exhaust system

The Ford was hopped up by some special people, specifically the guys who actually make the parts. For instance, the truck was dropped using Belltech suspension components, and then the three-valve V-8 engine was supercharged and intercooled by the guys from Magnuson at Stylin's facility. The guys from LSD also came out to fit their bolt-on Lambo door kit and ensure that, after all the shaving, painting, and bodywork was done, the doors would line up just right. Corsa and Dynatech were also on hand to give this truck a killer exhaust system. Parts from Sir Michaels, Street Scene, and Keystone help clean up the lines of your new ride, and finally, 22-inch billet aluminum rollers from Boyd Coddington and Hankook 305/40ZR22 tires complete the sano look. There's a whole lot more going on with our giveaway truck, so check out the photos to see all the hard work and cool mods. And when you are finished looking over this phat '50, go online and win the dang thing for yourself!

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