The badass licks that are on the cover truck this month were painted by Steve VanDemon, who is more than just a custom painter-he's just an all-around good guy. We took a trip over to his shop in Anaheim, California, with the intention of walking around and shooting some of his art. Following a little small-talk, we found out he has a line of stencils just hitting the shelves, and after a little begging on our part, he gave in and showed us how to use them. He took out a test panel and went over the basics of how to go from stencil to custom design in no time flat. He also clued us in on what paints he uses, the types of guns, and even some basics on pinstriping. We will keep the opener short, so we can get straight to the meat of it. If you would like to have a piece of Steve's one-of-a-kind artwork, go to his website and check it out.

Here is the Tribal Master Stencil kit that Steve designed, which is sold through Artool Products Company. These solvent-proof templates can be easily flexed or curved around irregular-shaped surfaces and cleaned with solvents without being damaged. It has positives and negatives that once separated give you more than 42 stencils to play with.

The Final Word

There you have it, a sweet-ass panel with a lot of custom paint elements that are being used today. All that is left is to lay down the final coats of clear and hang it on the wall. Steve's years of experience made all of this look easy, but the stencils will make learning much more fun because the results will come faster; think of it as steroids for your painting skills.

Andrew Mack & Son Brush Co. Iwata
Steve VanDemon
House of Kolor
210 Crosby St.
MS  39466