Speak It
So you don't look like a complete rookie around the shop, here are some terms you need to know. Now go impress your friends!

* Blow-Throughs: Tiny bits of color that show up where you don't want them, caused from improper masking.

* Cutting: Using coarse liquid compound as a polishing agent.

* Drop Shadow: An airbrushed soft line around a graphic used to provide depth.

* Eraser Wheel: Rubber wheel attached to an air tool, used to remove double-face tape and striping without damaging the underlying paint.

* Overspray: Unwanted excessive paint that usually shows up as a fine mist or haze on glass or unpainted areas.

* Fan: The area of paint spray that comes from the end of your paint gun tip. Seen in a triangle pattern width is measured 12 inches from the air cap.

* Fine Line Tape: Tape used for masking artwork and graphics. Available in 3/4-, 1/2-, 1/4- and 1/8-inch widths and constructed of either vinyl or paper.

* Flashtime: The period of time it takes for a paint product to dry.

* Jambs: Inside edge areas of fenders, doors, hood, engine compartment, and tailgate.

* Nib: Piece of dirt in paint.

* Pounce Wheel: Small round wheel with points at the end of a handle, used to perforate paper.

* Pounce Bag: Small cloth bag filled with colored chalk dust. Tap this bag on a perforated pattern to create a dotted outline to follow.

* Rubbing: The process of copying artwork from one side of a truck to make a perfect pattern, so it can be transferred to the other side. Common method uses a piece of paper laid over the graphic that is rubbed with a crayon, creating a pattern of the graphic onto the paper.

* Scuffing Paste: Abrasive paste used in con-junction with a Scotchbrite pad to leave the proper finish for the new paint to stick.

* Swirls: Circular hazy pattern commonly left from wool buffing pads and compound.

* Wax & Grease Remover: Solvent applied to a panel to remove dirt and fingerprints prior to painting.

Clean Cut Creations