G-Tech Results
Once we input the weight of the Ford and set the rpm calibration, the G-Tech was ready to give us some before and after numbers. The G-Tech is pretty reliant on having the proper weight of the vehicle you are testing, so either weight it with you in the seat or do a bunch of math. We didn't have access to a scale the day of the shoot, so we filled up the 26-gallon tank, which equals 156 pounds, and added that to the weight of the truck and our fat butts. That got it close enough to perform a before and after test, but if we want it dead-on we'd have to find a scale. So, will your truck run a 16.81? Nope, but it will run this amount faster than it did before the parts.

Tools Used
This job was pretty simple and required very little tools, with only one that might be considered special, the Torx socket, for the screws in the side of the heat shield.

The Final Word
With the Fram Boost intake in place and the Hypertech Program installed, the truck has the sound and grunt we would expect from a V-8. When we hit the go pedal, the tires went up in smoke, instead of just a chirp, and when the revs got to 5,500, the tranny snapped into second instead of melting into it. With a total cost of about 640 bucks, we think these mods are well worth the coin for the right pedal excitement they gave us.

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