Many of you Colorado/Canyon owners have been waiting anxiously to easily ditch the rear bumper hanging off the back of the truck. When these trucks first hit the dealer's showroom, aftermarket parts were scarce, to say the least. There was a short period of time that aftermarket companies didn't even know what a Colorado was. A good example is Clean Cut Creations' slammed '04 Colorado. John at CCC had to take a roll pan originally for an S-10 and, with a little bodywork magic, made it fit his Colorado. It served its purpose and accented the truck well enough to make our Nov. '04 cover. After a few months of driving and dragging the truck, John was having a grand time, until it happened. He heard that horrible sound of bending metal during one of the drag sessions. As a bodyman, he didn't cringe as bad as we would, but it still meant work. Thankfully, after 2 years, aftermarket parts are now becoming easier to find. Take Sir Michaels for instance. The company has stepped up to the plate and now offers a bolt-in steel roll pan that's easy to fit and install. The new pan requires no fabrication work, so if you munch it you can have a new one sent, instead of taking the time fabricating a whole new piece. For obvious reasons, these roll pans don't come painted, so you will need to break out the spray gun or throw down a little coin to a body shop. Going back to John, he is a body man and already has the skills to lay down the paint. On the other hand, we still have to moonlight at a singing telegram service to pay for stuff like this. Follow along as the crew at CCC preps and paints the Sir Michaels roll pan to replace the bent homemade job.

The Final Word

Here it is. Once the job was complete, the Sir Michaels steel roll pan fit like a glove. Not only does it look better than the stock bumper, we can still hook a trailer to the truck with the tow package Sir Michaels sells.

Clean Cut Creations Sikkens
Sir Michaels
15442 Chemical Ln.
Huntington Beach
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