Billet Overlay
The next step in the grille evolution is the billet overlay. These are CNC-cut and polished to a nice shine and come with either vertical or horizontal design elements. Most are made to simply bolt over the factory unit and will set you back $250-300. The one on the pewter, lifted Chevy (top right) will require you to cut out the center plastic bar that runs thought the middle and comes with two billet caps to cover the raw edges of the cut line.

Hybrid Mesh
The latest in grille technology is the Hybrid Mesh series, constructed out of a CNC billet aluminum surround and a stainless steel mesh. Depending on your application, there might be some cutting involved to get these in, but for the most part you should be able to separate the factory grille from the factory surround at the factory joint-did we mention the word factory? The design of these grilles will make the opening look smaller due to the surround and will set you back anywhere from $300-500.