Going against the proverbial grain, vertical billet grilles feature shorter bars that might be a little less prone to bending but still have a classy look. On most applications, these will fit right over the top of the factory grille, but for a more professional look you can cut out the OE center. These will run in the range of $120-250, depending on application, and are usually powdercoated black with a polished face.

Full Face Replacement
Some trucks like this Chevy HD will allow you to pop off the complete factory stuff and replace it all with billet bars. The Dodge is not a full replacement but will need some heavy cutting to get it in. You are looking at just shy of $400 for one of these bad boys.

Other Trucks
We had a little room, so we thought why not throw in a Ranger and a Taco for good measure? Both of these trucks have a horizontal billet set of bars in them, and the factory mesh was removed. Both of these grilles fall into the $135 range.