There are many times in life when the term classic can take on new meaning, such as calling an old man a classic or telling someone a joke is classic. Calling a truck a classic usually means good things, unless that truck is old, tired, and worn-out, like the old man. Our '67 Chevy project had certainly seen better days, since it spent most of its life as a farm truck, working on a winery in Northern California. It worked hard for its previous owner, and maintaining the truck was more of an afterthought. Consequently, the mechanical aspects of the truck, especially the creature comforts like the roll-up windows, suffered and were in need of repair.

Neither window rolled up and down properly because the regulators were bent. Both doors had the usual rust in the lower corners of the sheetmetal and were bent from being kicked open one too many times. Additionally, the door locking mechanisms were either missing or inoperable, and the inside handles were also disabled. Basically, only one window rolled up and down, with help, and only one door opened from the inside of the truck. These doors needed one of everything replaced, so we decided to start over. This article will show you how to rebuild your own classic Chevy C10 pickup doors or start from scratch like we did and build new ones.