As the performance exhaust brand of Tenneco Incorporated, DynoMax Performance Exhaust uses some of the world's coolest resources and facilities to develop complete exhaust systems and mufflers. One of these facilities is the manufacturing plant in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where DynoMax manufactures mufflers and complete systems, from rolled steel to completely packaged products, for a full range of domestic and import passenger cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

The unique DynoMax manufacturing process brings to life the advanced, ultra-high flow, and pleasing acoustic designs of DynoMax engineers. At Harrisonburg, these engineering designs become real products; here, we'll walk you through the process in this article.

From direct-fit, all-stainless-steel exhaust systems and power-enhancing mufflers to stylish, polished-stainless exhaust tips and one of the world's broadest lines of custom headers, DynoMax products are assembled into kits and shipped to customers across the United States from the Harrisonburg facility.