Watts Linkin' With KP
By Kevin Aguilar
Photography: KP Components & Kevin Whipps

During the time that this truck was getting worked on, KP Components added a new product to its fine line of suspension kits. This Watts Link bolts on to all '88-'06 GM trucks that have the 10-bolt rearend. It works with KP's six-link cantilever kits and is compatible with most other aftermarket four-link kits. It is completely bolt-on, and no welding is required to install it.

The Watts Link will keep the rear axle in alignment as it travels up and down. A Panhard bar is intended to do the same, but it has a flaw of shifting the axle to the side during lateral movement. This alignment is critical on today's airbagged trucks with large wheels that barely tuck inside the fenders. Any side movement can mean scratched wheels or even body damage from wheels hitting the inner fender. Shown here is a diagram of the Watts Link when installed and the truck is aired up (Figure 1).

Once the truck is laid out, the linkage keeps the rearend from shifting during the length of travel that is required for any typical air suspension (Figure 2). When the KP Components six-link cantilever is used in conjunction with the Watts Link kit, the durability and functions of an airbagged suspension are definitely maximized.

Here's what comes in the box. (From top to bottom, left to right) Wraparound differential bracket, driver-side mounting bracket, center link, passenger mounting bracket, Watts Link bars, and a sealed bag of all the required mounting hardware.

The Final Word
Overall, the KP Components six-link is a proven road-warrior package. The ride is good and dependable, and the crew at MIC did a great job in making it all happen. So, give these two aftermarket specialists a call and see what they can do for you.

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