Once the Triple Dog, the Rapid Flow induction system, and the custom exhaust were installed, it was time to go back to the dyno. Brian again tied the Blue Oval down and started the testing. We were wowed. The truck sounded awesome, and it had the numbers to prove it. It now made 340.39 hp, as measured by the dyno. That's an increase of more than 110 hp at the wheels. This daily driver was more than ready for the street. We went back and had Todd pull his 14,000-pound trailer up the grade once again, and this time he managed 45 mph, which is a 10 mph increase from stock.

Another improvement was in the fuel economy department. Prior to the buildup, we mentioned Todd was getting around 9-10 mpg on the freeway. After the install and about a week and a half later, he noticed that his mileage had increased to 10-11 mpg. The Bully Dog display module allows you to switch from Economy to Performance at a touch of the button. Now, normal, more economy-minded people may show better results than our test vehicle, since Todd kept his truck set on the Performance mode for 80 percent of the time we tested the vehicle. Also, stoplight-to-stoplight racing Camaros and the occasional import car didn't help his mileage reading either.

Either way, Bully Dog's Triple Dog, combined with the Rapid Flow induction system and custom exhaust, proved to be a winner on the street.

Special thanks go out to everyone at Bully Dog for their help and support.

The Install
Here's Bully Dog's Rapid Flow induction system as it comes out of the box. With a few handtools, you too can install one. The Triple Dog assembly is a little more complicated but can be installed by a mechanically inclined person. We recommend a Bully Dog dealer or your local friendly Ford dealership.