Switched On
Looking for a convenient way to mount your gauges and switches in the same place? AVS has stainless steel gauge panels with or without switches. Lighted and durable Carling brand switches give you control over all four corners. Panels will accept any round as much as 2.10 inches in diameter. Panels are available polished or brushed.
(559) 486-5444, www.airbagparts.com

High on PSI
AVS has everything you need to install a 7- or 9-inch nitrogen bottle on your ride. A pair of epoxy-coated steel, laser-cut brackets with mounting hardware is included along with a 600-psi nitrogen regulator, a 6-foot #8 hydraulic hose to plumb to your air tank and fittings. All you need to do is get yourself a nitrogen bottle.
(559) 486-5444, www.airbagparts.com

Stuff It
Agri-Cover announces the addition of the Access Storage Pocket. Manufactured from stylish black aluminum for heavy-duty performance, the unique design allows easy installation and adjusts to fit truck boxes with inside wheelwells. Storage pockets are the perfect accessory to toppers, lids, and roll-up covers such as Access, Lorado, and Literider, while still allowing full space between wheelwells for large cargo.
(800) 233-4655, www.accesspocket.com

Aggro Tires
Pit Bull Tires offers some new sizes to its Rocker, Growler, and Maddog LT Off-Road lines. Pit Bull is continuing to prove itself to be a force to be reckoned within the off-road industry. Pit Bull tires has proven its quality in CORR, SNORE, WERock, UROC, PRORock, NMRO, Diesel Truck Pulling, NTPA, ATPA, and by thousands of off-road fanatics worldwide. Mud, snow, rock, sand, and road are no match for Pit Bulls, and the company has the testimonials to prove it.
(314) 621-8954, www.pitbulltires.co

Viair's 200-psi Dual 480C Value Pack is a dual compressor setup that will outperform any other 12-volt compressor. The 480C wil fill a 5-gallon tank from zero-to-200 psi in only 5 minutes, 4 seconds. Likewise, when the compressors turn on at 165 PSI (using the supplied pressure switch), they'll shut off again at 200 PSI on the same 5-gallon tank in only 1 minute, 10 seconds. The Dual 480C Value Pack builds 200 psi of pressure using only 40 amps maximum-even while running two high-performance, 200-psi compressors.
(949) 582-6868, www.viaircorp.com

That's One Tough Box
Tuffy Security Products secure storage box uses the unused space around the wheelwells, leaving the entire useable width and length of the bed available. Its universal design allows the box to fit either left or right side and fits most fullsize longbed and shortbed trucks. Features include a heavy-duty, patented, pushbutton lock, neoprene weather seals to help fight the elements, and removable dividers that form a utility shelf.
(800) 34-TUFFY (348-8339), www.tuffyproducts.com