The Final Word
When the truck was laid out on the ground, it sat lower than it had ever gone before. Thanks to Devious Customs' install, the frame is completely on the ground and the fuel tank is tucked nicely inside. There was that issue of working with our KP Components link kit, but we figured out the way to work both on the truck. After a day's worth of work, we were mobile again and fully able to drag down the street.

This truck was our sole means of transportation, and we knew our supervisor would be furious to hear that we could not make it in to work due to our problems that came from the modifications done to it. We needed a way to drive the truck and not worry about all the gas leaking out and leaving us stranded. Plus, we were not too excited about driving around with a flammable substance dripping from our ride.

We made a few calls to see what to do for a temporary fix. We heard a trick of using a bar of soap to plug the hole. The problem with the soap trick is that it works just long enough for you to drive to a shop quickly before the soap is eroded away by the gasoline. Then, we discovered that Napa Auto Parts carried a kit that could permanently repair the tank. We caught a ride to Napa and purchased the $14 kit. We popped open the box to find a small piece of soap, sand paper, small brush, package of epoxy, and a strip of fiberglass. This quick fix worked for a few days before the gasoline ate through the hardened epoxy. The kit may have been a temporary fix, but it was long enough to get us by till our appointment for the new tank install.

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