There are no built-in cupholders in a lot of older, classic trucks, like the '67-'72 Chevy C-series. You have everything needed to light up a cigarette, including a lighter and an ashtray, but no provision for stowing that Big Gulp or Frosty. It seems pretty silly, especially if you don't smoke. Didn't people drive with beverages back in the day? There must have been a lot of guys walking around with wet crotches back then, because we know these trucks didn't ride too well from the factory. Brothers Truck Parts has an ingenious solution to the missing cupholder problem, and if you don't mind losing the use of your ashtray, then it will be perfect for you. The company has an inexpensive conversion kit that puts a pair of pop-out cupholders right into the factory ashtray location. In the closed position, you'd never know they are there, and once open, you and your passenger are dialed in for thirst-quenching. Check it out.

The Final Word
Some of us smoke, and some don't. Either way, we think having a place to keep your cola is smart and will prevent you from spilling your drink all over that expensive Mercedes wool carpet you had installed. We give this product two thumbs-up for its easy installation and simplicity.

Brothers Trucks