Nissan's fullsize Titan truck is impressive, to say the least. The truck has great power and road prowess in stock trim. But, what happens if you lose your mind and add 11 inches of lift and 37-inch tires? You would be a Sport Truck editor who was missing how peppy the truck was before the added inches.

There are a few ways we can get the truck closer to its former demeanor, such as re-gearing the rearend or adding more power. We are partial to the latter option, adding power. One problem with that is we already have a Gibson exhaust strapped under the truck, which only really leaves us three options: an air intake, nitrous, or some sort of forced injection. Again, we are partial to the latter, so we did a little research and found out that Stillen in Costa Mesa, California, offers an intercooled supercharging system for the Titan's V-8. We have worked with Stillen on many occasions and have been nothing but happy with the company's parts and quality of work, so this was sort of a no-brainer. We set up a time for the installation and asked if there was anything we should do beforehand. The technician informed us to change the oil and have just a few gallons of super unleaded in the tank.

The install was very involved, and unless you are very skilled mechanic with a monster set of tools, who isn't afraid to splice into the factory wiring harness, you might want to leave this to a professional. The install took a full day without hitting any snags, but if we would have run into any problems, we would have been there for two days, again not an install for the faint of heart.

Once the job was complete, we strapped the truck to the dyno and listened to the blower whine screaming from the Titan for the first time. Not only did it sound awesome, but the numbers were no slouch either, with 390 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque. That is an increase of 113 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque from one modification. On the road, the grunt of the Titan was back, and when we put the pedal to the floor, the truck took off and pulled through the rpm range. The one thing that did freak us out a little bit was how well this truck ran with the big lift kit and tires-it was almost scary. Don't get us wrong, because we love fast trucks; it's what we are all about. But, man, there will be two things you better have if you build a truck like this, great brakes and concrete nuts.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?The Stillen system is based off of an Eaton supercharger, much like you would find on Ford's Lightning. The system features a water-to-air intercooler to combat the heat created by compressing the air, and in turn, allowing for more power with less chance of detonation. Stillen also provides a little electronics box that will keep the factory computer from freaking out and will also change the tune so all this new power can actually be used. The rest of the stuff is a little less exciting but of high quality, and everything went on perfectly.