This story should have appeared prior to last month's project truck special. By showing you our '67 in rolling form, we have essential shot our wad on some level. The plan was to build the truck first and then show it off, but since our own project fit the idea behind our "Wildest Project Trucks in America" story so well, we decided to put it in there anyway. Still, the truck wasn't finished or even driveable for that story, so there's a lot left to accomplish and even more photos to show you how we took our C10 from stock to laying rocker.

If you've followed the On the Floor column at the front of the magazine for any length of time, you already know that the entire buildup of this truck occurred backward to begin with. What started out as a simple plan to build a nice daily driver veered sideways after our other C10 was stolen. After the theft, we pulled this truck out of the body shop before any work commenced and began cutting it up to make it a true custom. So, this story will show what happened after we left the body shop and headed over to O.C. Auto Shop.

We started by stripping the stock truck of pretty much everything. Our plan had escalated from using bolt-on suspension components to achieve a respectably low stance to building a new chassis and suspension just so we could lay the truck flat on the ground without losing any room inside the cab. The cab would need some work before we could start on the chassis, though. With the help of Brothers Trucks, we repaired all the usual rust-laden areas of our small window cab. The rocker panels and floorboards were shot, so we ordered up replacement panels and got to work. Here's how things shaped up.

The Final Word
Now that our cab is solid again and free of rust, we are ready to drop it onto the new chassis. We'll show you how the chassis and suspension came together next month, so stay tuned.

Brothers Trucks Orange County Auto Shop
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