Sport Truck
Tech Tip
Finishing Touches
Speaking of knickknacks, the kit also includes the taillight and back-up light housings, lenses and gaskets, along with a new rear lamp wiring harness. Early Classic also offers LED rear light inserts that replace the factory bulb for that modern look.

Most of the longbed trucks have some sort of step bumper that won't look nearly as clean as a conventional chrome blade. ECE puts this rear bumper kit together to ditch the work horse bumper, which includes everything you would need, including the proper brackets and even the gravel guards.

The Final Word
This modification is pretty involved and not for the faint of heart, but it can be done if you pay attention and have proficient welding skills. The money you save buying a longbed can be directly applied to the parts needed for the conversion. The math on that might equal out to the same price, but at least the shortbed parts will be brand-new as opposed to needing restoration.

Early Classic Enterprises