One of the easiest aftermarket bolt-ons you can do yourself is usually over,looked .How many times have you looked at your new cool ride and thought, man, that grille is ugly? T-Rex Billet Grilles has the answer for all you unhappy truck owners and less fortunate people who just drive cars.

Located in Corona, California, T-Rex Billet Grilles is changing the look of love for your truck, SUV, or car. We had a chance to stop by T-Rex's huge new building with a bone-stock '05 GMC Yukon. Mark Jimenez and Mike Perez greeted us at the door and explained how the grille was to be installed and what necessary handtools that would be needed. First, you will need a 3/8-inch wrench or nut driver, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, a die grinder or jigsaw, a file or sandpaper, liquid thread lock, masking tape, and a 10mm wrench. In addition to the grille installation, we chose the optional chrome GMC logo to give our Yukon a classy OEM look. It definitely did the trick.

T-Rex Billet grilles also offers horizontal and vertical designs that are available in both Traditional Billet and Platinum Series CNC billet. New to T-Rex's line of grilles are the Hybrid Series CNC mesh and the Upper Class Stainless mesh grilles available for most vehicle applications. All of the company's grilles are made in the USA.