There is one thing nice about technology; it's always moving forward. Just like the car commercial that shows a bunch of older folks reminiscing about things they had to do, like getting up to turn the TV channel, then the commercial cuts to a younger man sitting in his car as it parallel parks itself. We used to need the aid of a friend to guide us back when hooking up a trailer. Thanks to Rostra Precision Controls and the RearSight system, we can hook up the trailer by ourselves. As an added bonus, there is no fear of backing our custom-painted truck into anything and damaging it.

The system features a simple installation that only requires you to drill a few holes and hook up three wires; everything else is plug-'n'-play. We took our truck to Al & Ed's Autosound in Huntington Beach, California, to have Hein Nguyen install the system. In just about an hour, we were in the truck, playing with our new monitor. After the initial play time was over, we put the camera system to the test and lined up in front of our trailer. We put the truck in Reverse and started backing up, with our eyes never leaving the screen. As we got closer to the trailer, the tongue came into view and allowed us to line it up perfectly. This is one of those modifications that make your life much easier, and we still have the option of adding another camera. We were thinking of putting one up front to save our painted valance.

The Final Word
Thankfully, with the RearSight system in place, hooking up a trailer is a one-man job. We were getting really tired of trying to decipher what our friend was telling us as he flailed his arms to the left and the right. The camera system was easier to install than it would have been to teach our friends how to properly guide someone backward. Because the mirror has two more inputs, we have the option of adding another camera and displaying a GPS map.

Al & Ed's Autosound
880 North Rochester Rd.
CA  91764
Rostra Precision Controls
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