Usually when you are taking a trip down the custom road, you will eventually reach that fork in the road where you decide to go from mild to wild. When you are talking full-out custom trucks, the amount of straight bolt-ons is at a minimum, but some are still involved in the build process. On this trip, we are going to take the mild route and save the wild for another day. We will upgrade the headlights and taillights, put a lock on the tailgate, install a smoothie bumper, and customize the gas door without shaving it. This combination of parts will enhance the look of the truck without the need for a huge fabrication shop or a trip to the painter.

The truck getting all these parts is a typical '88-'98 Silverado that just needs a short trip on the custom highway. Because of the company's extensive catalogue and quick shipping, Stylin' Concepts became our copilot for this trip. Every part we installed on this truck required only some simple mechanic tools and a little common sense, so it's perfect for the beginning gearhead. If you are a seasoned vet when it comes to the wrench, you'll still want to check it out. You never know how parts will look until you have seen them installed on the ride.

The crew at Orange County Auto Shop provided the space, tools, and grunt labor for the job, and our thanks goes out to them for that. Again these modifications are doable for the beginner and still have enough pay-off for the seasoned veteran, so it's a win-win situation. Sit back on your throne and check out our trip down mild custom lane.