Part One: The Teardown

Now that you know about the parts, let us give you some advice on tear-down and installation. JBA supplies great directions with its products, so the following information is just a highlight of some key points. You won't need a lift to do this job because the headers load from the top. But, you will be under the truck a lot, so a lift would be nice-a jack and jackstands will be sufficient. Before you grab a tool from the toolbox, grab some penetrating fluid like WD-40 and spray all the fasteners and hangers.

Once the stock system was removed from the Yukon, we laid it out next to the new JBA system. Here's how they matched up:

Part Two: The Install
Now for the installation of the new parts. As stated earlier in the story, both the left and right header feed in from the top. Be careful when you are sliding these into place, because one wrong move will break off a spark plug. You could remove them just to be safe, but as long as you are careful there is no need.