When it comes to having a nice truck, there are many aspects that play into it, like cool wheels and bitchen paint. One problem with that is if your cool wheels are covered in brake dust and your paint is all scratched, you still won't get the acclaim you are looking for. Most of the people who are into the truck scene have a great eye for seeing problems with someone else's ride. There is one sure-fire way to have them see your custom style instead of the dirty wheelwells-detailing! We are going to assume you know to some degree how to care for your truck's paint. Wash it when it's dirty. Yeah, yeah, but wouldn't you like to know more? That is what this story is all about: how to give your truck a deep cleaning, like the one you give the truck just before you sell it. Anyway, we will break down when to use what product to produce a great shine and some cool detailing tips we have learned over years of scrubbing.