Last month, we showed you the ins and outs of detailing a truck in an article called "OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Detailing." We covered the basic steps needed to properly shine up your paint, clean your interior, and restore the engine compartment. With that knowledge out of the way, it's time to dive a little deeper and tackle something a bit harder: scratches in glass.

If you have ever bought a classic truck or let a decrepit windshield wiper run a bit too long, then you know why this needs to be done. The Eastwood Company, gurus of restoration tools, has a setup that allows you to polish these annoying blemishes out of the glass. The two parts you will need to order from Eastwood will only set you back $42.98 plus shipping, which is much cheaper than replacement glass. You will need a drill motor of some sort to drive the polishing wheel, but because it's made for slower speeds (about 900 rpm) a standard cordless drill should be fine. Instead of forking over a bunch of money for a replacement window, check out how we removed the scratch from a '67 Chevy truck's side window.

The Final Word

The results speak for themselves, and the cost was well worth it, since a replacement glass would have been around $60. Not only did we restore this window, but Eastwood sends enough product to do all the glass in the truck, including the windshield, which would save us much more.

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