The Chassis Tech Time Machine
One of the toughest parts of any airbag installation is the wiring and the plumbing of the system, especially when you are mixing and matching parts from several different manufacturers. Once you take a compressor from Company X and try to wire it with a circuit breaker from Company Y, then toss in a switch box from Company Z, you've got yourself a potential mess of wires on your hands. Beyond the wiring, mounting electric solenoid valves to control the airflow and then plumbing them from the air tank to the 'bags can also be a chore. Many valves require you to fabricate mounting brackets so that you can mount them to your truck, which again increases the install time.

Chassis Tech's Plug-'N'-Play system fixes all of that nonsense and packages the valves, air compressor, and associated plumbing and wiring into one neat package. The housing measures 12x12x7 inches, so it will fit into tight spaces and protect the 3/4 horsepower compressor and eight valves from moisture and dirt. Once you've bolted the box in place, you can use the provided battery cables and ignition switch wiring to hook the unit up. Then, it's just a matter of running the four air lines to the corners of the truck for the airbags and another air line to the reserve air tank and you're done. The Plug-'N'-Play dramatically reduces install time and even offers adjustable valves to control the speed your truck raises and lowers. Just twist the two knobs to slam your ride to the ground with authority, or gently raise it up slow enough that the cops won't notice. For a video of this unit in action, visit

Time's up!
Most people are good at just a few things in life. Unless your job is to build custom trucks every day, it's likely you aren't a real fabricator. So, what do you do if you want to 'bag your own sport truck without spending an arm and a leg for the tools to do it? Call Chassis Tech and order this bolt-on kit and Plug-'N'-Play system. After watching the guys at Chassis Tech lay out this C10 during our Havoc truck show in 100-plus degree heat, we are confident most of you can do it during a weekend in the garage.

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