The question that runs through every custom truck enthusiast's mind the minute they drive off the lot in a brand-spanking-new truck is: Do I want to lift or lower my truck? While the answer is inevitably different for each truck owner, one thing remains the same: the willingness to customize that brand-new shiny truck to personalize it and make it your own.

So, to lift or to lower is up to you, but we decided to tackle the project and show you just how cool GM's newest truck looks lifted. We teamed up with Superlift and Sadistic Iron Werks, along with Nitto Tire and American Eagle, to bring you a brand-new GMC Sierra with a 6-inch lift on the new 33-inch Dune Grapplers. The installation is advanced, requires a few minor modifications, and should be left to the professionals. But, all you super-proficient DIYers could easily tackle the job in a day. Keep in mind when dealing with these new trucks, some are equipped with a computer-monitored suspension, Stabilitrak, and will interfere with any aftermarket suspension kits. So, check with your dealer to ensure safe and proper installation. Also, make sure that after any suspension installation that you realign your truck, so you don't tear through those brand-new tires.

Part One: The Install
The front end is the more difficult part of the installation, so that's where we'll focus. As usual, both sides are obviously the same, so we'll walk through one side of the installation. Having a lift available makes the professional installer that much more efficient. If you don't have a lift, you better make sure you have some pretty tall jackstands and a high lift jack before you start.