Part Two: The Rear
The rear is as simple as swapping out the leaf springs and the shock. It's a lot less involved, but GM does make it interesting-getting wrenches on the leaf spring bolts takes a little finesse. Make sure to suspend the rear end and unload the tension on the leaf springs before removing them.

The Final Word
After spending six hours installing Superlift's 6-inch lift on the new GMC, we were thoroughly impressed. Every nut and bolt was planned out, and the instructions were some of the best we've seen. The company even goes through all of the lifted truck warnings from the standard "align the truck after the install" to advanced Stabilitrak warnings. So, if your truck is equipped with 4x4 or Stabilitrak, make sure to heed these warnings. If you're looking to add a little altitude to your new ride, be sure to check out what Superlift has to offer.

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