Part Three: The Alignment
Ruben put the new Black Rhino/Fuzion combo on the truck and handed the keys over to Jaison (Jaison is the way he spells it; isn't he fancy?), the in-house alignment guy at HighRoller. He pulled the truck on the Hunter alignment rack, hooked up all of the sensors, and got our truck back within spec. Even though these Dakotas are kind of a pain to get right, he had it done in record time.

The Final Word
With the parts installed, the Dakota looks noticeably better. The drop lowered the truck just like the box said, 2/3.5, and the 20-inch wheel and tire package fills up the opening just perfect. Not only does the truck look better, it handles great. The Ground Force kit is tuned perfectly and improved the handling of the truck by 0.52 Gs, according to our G-Tech. We tested the truck on the closest thing to a 200-foot skidpad we could find, which happened to be the parking lot of Angels Stadium. Let's try to keep that a secret, OK?

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High Roller Motorsports
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Tesla Electronics Inc. (G-Tech)
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