How you use your truck should determine the way that you set up the bed. It really depends on what you do with the truck. If you require your truck bed to work hard, it makes sense to protect it. We got a hold of an '06 Toyota Tundra that is destined to haul a lot of motorcycles around. We went to the aftermarket for workhorse protection and innovative new products for the Tundra. Our first stop took us to Line-X in Signal Hill, California, to have a polyurethane bedliner sprayed in. We chose Line-X to spray the bedliner because the owner, Mike Sutton, is a truck guy. If you have ever seen any of Mike's builds in the pages of Sport Truck, you will know why. His attention to even the tiniest detail shows up in what many would call a typical job. As soon as we arrived, the truck was pulled into the bay where the preparation work began.

Line-X offers three grades of sprayed-in bedliner applications. Standard Grade is a 1/8-inch-thick layer of polyurethane that adheres to the bed of the truck and molds precisely to every contour of the truck bed. Contractor Grade is the next upgrade, and the urethane is applied thicker to protect against more demanding requirements. Line-X backs a 3,600-pound-per-square-inch protection level with a No Questions Asked limited lifetime warranty. Next in line is an Industrial Grade liner that boasts a 1/4-inch liner thickness and protection, engineered for commercial/industrial demands. We decided our needs for the Tundra would be easily met by the Standard Grade application. First things first, all vehicles require they be covered well, but there is no room for error with a white truck.