The Good
*The Escalade headlights, bumper, grille, and fenders look way better thanthe stock Chevy HD pieces.
*Instant baller status, thanks to the Caddy emblem on the new grille.
* No more lame-ass fender flares that don't match the bed sides of the dualie. This ain't no off-road truck, yo!

The Bad
* You're going to lose that muscular-looking hood that came stock onyour HD truck.
* Your wallet will be a lot skinnierthan it used to be.
* If your truck is an HD model, this mod will require three days of work and a good custom shop like Metal Asylum Kustoms will charge you $2,800 for the labor and paintwork. If you own a non-HD truck, thensubtract one day and plan on dropping $2,500 to have the job done right.

T-Rex Billet Grilles
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