Having a cool classic truck doesn't mean you can't tow a trailer. With the ever-increasing popularity of classic trucks becoming daily-drivers again, the need to tow something is constantly popping up. Whether it's a motorcycle, a boat, or a classic travel trailer, there's always something begging to tag along. Unfortunately, there's nothing more unattractive than a trailer hitch hanging below the rear bumper. Early Classic Enterprises (ECE) has solved this dilemma with its hidden receiver hitch kit. This Class IV hitch mounts behind the stock license plate box of '67-'72 GM pickups. The hitch remains hidden until needed, then, with a flip of the license plate and insertion of the extended ball mount, you're ready to tow.

Early Classic offers hitches for '67-'72 C10 and C20 pickups, as well as Blazers and Suburbans of the same era. The hitches are available individually or in kit form. The kits include: hitch, license plate flip frame, extended ball mount, plug-in trailer wiring harness, and all necessary hardware. They are designed to coexist with the factory spare tire and will also work in conjunction with ECE's aftermarket stainless steel fuel tank. The powdercoated finish will provide years of rust-free service, and the 500-pound tongue/5,000-pound tow ratings are plenty stout for most any trailer duty.

Follow along as we take a short trip to Fresno, California, and watch the pros at ECE install one of their hidden hitch kits on a '71 Chevy shortbed.

What's In The Box?
Early Classic's kit is simple and well-thought-out. It is supplied with all necessary components. You will get a powdercoated Class IV hitch with matching ball mount, a flip-up license plate bracket, and all the necessary wiring and hardware. All you will need are a few basic tools and a little time.