Sport Truck
Tech Tip

Hitch Classifications
Hitches are rated for Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and tongue weight (TW). Before you choose a hitch, you'll need to find out how much your trailer weighs loaded and the tongue weight. The following classification will help you determine the right hitch, once you know how much you will be towing:

Class I:
GVWR as much as 2,000 pounds, TW as much as 200 pounds

Class II:
GVWR as much as 3,500 pounds, TW as much as 350 pounds

Class III:
GVWR as much as 5,000 pounds, TW as much as 500 pounds

Class IV:
GVWR as much as 10,000 pounds, TW as much as 1,000 pounds plus

Class V:
Indicates a heavy-duty frame-mounted hitch, designed for towing more than 10,000 pounds

The Final Word
If you've slapped in a new wood bed floor, or if you have gone through the expense of repainting your existing steel bed floor, then odds are good that you won't be hauling anything sharp or heavy anytime soon. This means you'll need to hitch up a trailer to your classic sport truck. What better way to do that than with a clean, hidden hitch? Call the guys at ECE now, drop $209 for this complete kit, and if you mention that you read about the hitch in Sport Truck, they'll also throw in a free mystery goodie bag of swag.

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