Tech Tip
Safety First

Before you do any work, make sure to secure the truck on jackstands. having two sets of stands will speed up your install. You will need the jack to unload the tension on the springs. So, if you don't have any stands, don't even try this until you can borrow some.

Extra Stuff You May Need
Here are the only extras I used for the install. A can of brake clean was used to clean grease off of my rotors, and the grease is for the wheel bearings. it's a good idea to get an assortment of cotter pins because most lowering kits won't give you all the ones you might need, like for the tie rods.

Drop One: $159
What's Under The Truck:

So, here it is with the cheapest parts of the story. There is a 2-inch drop coil in the front and a 3-inch block in the rear. The front came down 2-1/2 inches, and the rear came down 3 inches. The front will be the only part of the suspension that the ride quality will change because of the new spring. It has a stiffer rating to control the truck in less travel. It won't ride harshly, just a bit firmer. With this setup, you can retain your factory shocks, front and rear.