Drop Two: $239.95
Here is the truck with a 2-inch spindle in front and the same 3-inch blocks at the rear. The front came down 2 inches, and the rear came down 3 inches. With this setup, you can still retain your factory shocks, front and rear. This setup won't change the ride quality at all because the parts basically move things around. The blocks move the rear end up, leaving the springs alone, affecting only the driveshaft. The spindle has the snout/spud/ pin-whatever you want to call it-moved up in the casting, which moves the tires up closer to the fenderwells. (See the What's the Difference sidebar for comparison photos.)

Drop Three: $274.85
Now we are getting somewhere. This has the spring and spindle up front, with the 3-inch block out back. The front came down 4-1/2 inches and looks perfect, while the rear is still a 3-inch drop. The rear still retains the factory shocks, but it's a little too high, now that the front is this low. i'm going to get different shocks up front, not because the stock ones won't fit, but because they are valved a little mushy for my taste.

What's The Difference?
As you pull the stock parts off the truck, there will be obvious differences between these and the new lmc lowering kits. Here's a quick rundown on the lowdown: