Drop Four: $549.95
What's Under The Truck:

Booya-fully dumped. here is everything installed in the truck. The front is the same as the previous image, but the rear has the new leaves and the 3-inch block. I like the look of this, but the rear is just too low. As a matter of fact, it's completely sacked out. (See Problems in the Rear sidebar.) I will definitely need new rear shocks now, since the install height is now 16-1/2 inches and the stock shocks bottom out at 15-1/2. It's not that I have anything against being low, but this is too much, so I'm going to adjust it to my liking.

Drop Five: $549.95 + $40*
What's Under The Truck:

Here is my version of the lowering kit. I left everything intact, except for the lowering block. I cut it down to 1-3/4 inches, which gave me a little, hot-rod rake. This is exactly where I wanted the truck to sit, and now I can get a little taller tire for the rear for that ever-so-slight big-little effect. Before taking the truck to the alignment shop to get the front squared away, I installed new rotors, pads, seals, and wheel bearings. That way, everything is new, and I'm one step closer to having the truck mechanically sound.
*Forty bucks for an alignment.

The Final Word
The truck sits 4-1/2 inches lower in the front and 5-1/2 inches lower at the rear. The stance is just a little higher in the rear for that hot-rod rake, which is perfect for me. For just $159, plus alignment fees, you could give your truck a 2/3 drop with lmc's low-buck kit. You could fork out about $600 bucks, like I did, and slam it. Either way you choose to go is all right, as long as you get in the garage and work on your truck.