Classic Style!
A New, Old Grille

Here is the '68 Chevrolet C10 nose Chris bought from a wrecking yard perched in front of his '00 Silverado. As you can see, this grille isn't just going to drop in place. not only was it too wide, but it didn't feature the same curve along the hood area as the new truck. Chris did a lot of work to get it in, and the following images will show how he stitched it all together.

The Final Word
Chris finished the job by coating the new sheetmetal with a red and black two-tone paintjob. Chris' idea is awesome, and I think he has created something totally one-off and cool. This is what I saw on the Reader's Rides section of and why i contacted him. Chris wanted to throw a special thanks to Eric Nichols, owner of Certified Collision, for the shop space, and Rob Robinson for the bodywork help. if you have any questions for Chris about his work or his truck, send him an e-mail.

Chris Redmond