Remember back in the day when every minitrucker on the planet was finding a crazy way to mount the license plate? There were plates at weird angles that didn't match the truck body lines. Now, the in thing is to have the plate slide out from behind the sheetmetal on some sort of actuator. But, those magical disappearing plates can still bring down heat from Johnny law, and who wants that? Not us, that's for sure.

We wanted to find a bitchen way to mount a plate that would still scream custom without being considered illegal. We contacted John Meyer, the main man at Clean Cut Creations in St. louis, Missouri, and inquired about a cool plate idea. He said, "i have a customer who just got rear-ended in his Colorado, and it is in need of some work. Would you like me to recess the plate box and cover it with clear Plexiglas?" We replied with an enthusiastic yes and requested him to take some pictures and notes of the process so we could show you how it's done.

This job is not for the typical do-ityourselfer, unless you are skilled in block-sanding and painting. if you are an experienced welder and comfortable spreading a little mud, then go ahead. You can always have someone else do the final paintwork. Check out the following photos and John's notes. They should help you decide if you want to tackle this job or just have a professional do it for you.