Whether you want to add some vintage style or need a new option of fuel storage, Mooneyes has you covered. Owning one of these aluminum Moon tanks will turn your vehicle into a showcase for nostalgia. Back in the day, Dean Moon, founder of Mooneyes, produced these very same tanks to fit the needs of hot-rodders. The tanks are one of the defining custom parts to come from the historic Mooneyes Company and have been a mainstay in classic vehicles ever since.

Today, the tanks are made in the exact same process as the originals. This includes taking rounds of f lat aluminum stock and shaping them to perfectly round cylinders. The method involves spinning the rounds on a lathe and employing the use of special tooling to give them their unique contour. These pieces are then TIG-welded together and cleaned up to a show-winning finish.

They are great for anyone building a classic truck and can be a good accessory for style. With a new generation of builders keeping the old-school style alive, these tanks have become a hot commodity, along with other Mooneyes products. If you are into the retro thing, cruise by the Mooneyes website for even more information on this scene and periodic news updates. Also, if you have the means to visit and are in the SoCal area, we suggest that you stop by the Santa Fe Springs, California-based shop. Who knows? If you ask kindly, they might even give you a tour of the joint.

Moon Caps

Interestingly, the spinning process can make for several other products. One of those is the Moon disc wheel cover. It involves shaping aluminum on the lathe and finishing it on this custom-made "Sunray" machine.