If you are looking to shave a door handle or fix a scratch, one thing you will need to know is where to get the tools and supplies. This guide will give you an idea where to find everything you will need to get your bodyworking task done. There isn't a lot of paints in here because every town has a local paint store where you can get primers and paint. We tried to focus on the tools you will need, but we did throw in a few paints for good measure. One bit of info we can pass down is if you are unsure about something, talk to the guy at the paint store. Usually these guys are painters and can give you advice on what to use to get your desired results. We hope you find this guide helpful, and until next month: Happy sanding.

1. Spray Guns
The SATA gun our paint vixen, Marcy, is holding can handle every job thrown at you in the spray booth and are a must for those paintjobs that require 16 layers of clear. The SATAjet was built for custom paint and geared to shoot everything from candies to exotic colors. The company has a gun for every skill level and just about any budget. Check out the website for more details.

2. Tack Cloth
A good tack cloth is essential to keeping dust and dirt from getting under your paint. Tack cloth works by causing the dust, dirt, and any other contaminants to stick to the cloth as it is wiped over the surface of the material being cleaned. Tack cloth is sticky enough to pick up the dust, but not so sticky as to leave behind a residue on the surface being prepared for painting.
Norton Abrasives

3. Budget Spray Guns
The two-gun sets from DeVilbiss will help you get the results you want at a price that rivals the no-name guns. The gravity-feed guns cut down on wasted paint, and they come with a one-year warranty. Having two guns will make life a whole lot easier when shooting primers and clears because of the different tip sizes needed. These are made to spray most any urethane, high-build primer, basecoat, lacquer, enamel, and water base. Polished aluminum gravity cups and lids offer durability and easy cleanup, while the regulator, tools, and accessories are included for a complete package.
The Eastwood Company