Whether it's at the very beginning of our custom life, when we don't know any better, or a few years later when we are deep into a project and financial woes force us to cut a few corners, most of us have had those rounded-off corners come back to bite us in the ass. Rounded corners usually result in roadside repairs prompted by broken parts, but hopefully no bodily injury. Unfortunately, lots of us have unknowingly taken big chances with our lives and that of our loved ones because we've piloted unsafely customized trucks. Ignorance isn't a good excuse, and this story is intended to educate you enough to spot bad fab work when you see it. What you do with the knowledge we give you is entirely up to you, but hopefully you'll make the right decision and wait to save up the money needed to have someone do the job right.

Our story begins with one of our friends, Eddy, who bought a beat-up Toyota Tacoma that had once been fitted with a hydraulic suspension. The hydros were long gone when Eddy made a cross-country trip to come work alongside the Sport Truck staff in Southern California. One look at his truck and we were amazed that he even made it across the state line. We had to do something or his truck was going to fall apart and become a potential danger to himself and others. Take a look at what the crew at Go-EZ had to work with and how they fixed the bad back half of the Tacoma's frame.