As many of you already know, iPods are great for listening to MP3s through a set of headphones, but playing them in your truck is a bit more complicated. One simple way around this is to buy an FM modulator. However, sound quality with these systems is subpar because they send airwaves to the antenna, which allows for distortion and even static. The next best way to enjoy your digital tunes is to send them directly to your head unit via a wire harness.

The solution is to either purchase an iPod-compatible aftermarket head unit or get an interface system from Precision Interface Electronics (PIE), which allows you to play and control an iPod on the factory radio of most late-model vehicles. Since the head units on late-model trucks are decent nowadays, I opted to go with the PIE interface for my '07 Chevy Silverado Classic. The head unit on my truck is XM-ready, and this interface uses the satellite radio controls for navigation of the iPod. It's a simple component, and it can be installed in under an hour. It was so easy that I was able to hook one up to my truck in my driveway with a few simple tools.

Whats In The Box?
PIE suggested that I go with a GM12-IPOD/S interface and a GM12-R1 wire harness. Total cost: $187.90. This is a reasonable price to pay for a single piece of equipment that provides quality transfer of digital music to the stock receiver.